Gold Strike Hotspring

Gold strike is one of the most challenging hikes that I have ever been so far. Ropes Galore! It felt like an obstacle course because this hike will make you work for specular views and stunning hot springs. As, I climbed up one of the many ropes going back. I slipped while trying to go up the rock and a swung and hit the side of my hip. Take your time going up/down the ropes make sure you have hiking boots/sneakers and gloves to help grip the rope. As, always bring water. If you continue to walk once you see Hoover Dam you will find the most hottest hot spring compared to the other ones on the trail. Gold strike is located in Boulder City. It is around 40 minutes from Las Vegas. It is a 6 mile hike. It is a difficult hike. The trail is a out & back rock scramble. There is free parking lot near the trailhead. The best time to visit May to October.

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