Reggae Falls: St.Thomas, Jamaica

All the times I been to Jamaica I never been to Reggae Falls or heard of it. While visiting Jamaica this particular time I wanted a local experience. My son's grandfather knew just where to go. He showed me pictures of Reggae Falls, and I was impressed. The road trip started around 10am, from Kingston to St. Thomas, Jamaica it took around 2 hours. The GPS took us on a real adventure.  I would advise getting directions from a local instead of using GPS or renting an off-road vehicle. We drove through what looked like a pond. We stopped the vehicle to see how deep the water was to make sure it was safe to cross. After, this we checked several times with locals to make sure we were going the right way. As, we got closer we saw an industrial area (abandoned hydroelectric facility) and water flowing through the rocky road. The water was low enough to drive through in order to get to the parking spaces. The water was beautiful, clear and very powerful. I had to be extra cautious with taking photos because it is very misty. This place is a must see. I enjoyed every minute of being there.

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